Who has two thumbs..

.. and is officially 3/4 through her degree? This girl! I was a zombie for the last couple of weeks, but I made it through, and it's looking like I did quite well. I wrote one not-so-stellar final, but I hope that the rest make up for it. So, to celebrate my first day of freedom I woke up late, went for a run, and made myself an awesome lunch.

I recently discovered the joys of Quinoa, so I made some with bok choy and avocado. So good! I also had the most delicious grapefruit soda my dad brought back from his vacation in Canmore last weekend.

To cap it off, however, I'm going to play around with a nifty little inheritance that I just re-found. This little Viking Readyset belonged to my uncle, and I'm pretty sure hadn't left the box in about 50 years. It's in lovely shape, and despite the guy at my camera store snickering as I came in to get it film, I'm super excited to try it out. I don't know if I'm going to get any interesting photos out of it, I suspect they might just be slightly blurry, black and white photos of nothing.

My favourite part of this camera may, in fact, be the box itself. The back has a nicely written threat, declaring that "Death will ride with you if you open this." Hopefully this is not the case.

Now, I'm going to continue celebrating my freedom with Shawn of the Dead, my friend's wedding/grad present hat, and something sweet. I'll be back in the next couple days with some summer goals that have been bouncing around my head for a little while.


  1. The camera looks cool I would love to see the pictures it takes somehow. I wish my family had a cool vintage camera. I would so take pictures with it all the time XD

  2. Speaking of camera, I need to clean my captor... *soupir*

  3. @PandaBearofDoom

    I plan on posting at least some of the photos I take once I get them back. They have to get sent to the next province over for processing, so it might be awhile, but I promise I'll get them up!

  4. That camera is awesome! I too recently discovered quinoa (or re-discovered, I should say). Have you tried red quinoa? I like mixing it half-and-half with the regular, a little sesame oil, and (surprisingly), balsamic.