In which I commit to a huge sweater project

Photos from BT Men
Let’s just take a minute here and talk about how awesome Brooklyn Tweed is. Again. While I’m always finding myself in love with BT collections, along with the rest of the knitting world, but there are two reasons that I’m especially happy about BT men:
1. The world really needs more modern men’s sweaters
2. Those sweaters should be modeled by (really) well-styled bearded men in a loft. Obviously.

Tragically for me, the boy that has stolen my heart is also less than fond of handknits, especially garments. (I’m confident I’ll get him one day, but today is not that day) The other knitworthy guy in my life is my dad and, well.. his wardrobe just happens to be lacking in the classic woolly sweater department. So, I send off the lookbook with an offer to make him a sweater if he liked any of them and he responded with a vote for Timberline because “it would fit well should [he] decide to start smoking a pipe in [his] later years.”

Photos from BT Men
This sweater was one of my favourites after a first look through, possibly because it reminds me of Exeter (which has been in the back of my brain as a bucket list sweater for ages). Though I have to say, Dad, way to pick the sweater with the greatest yardage requirement. Seriously. Never mind that long torsos and gorilla arms run in the family, both of which necessitate yardage-eating sweater modifications. And while I’d love to tackle this in the recommended Shelter, I also really like paying rent and eating food. So, I was brainstorming possible subs and I’m leaning toward something like Briggs and Little Regal, or maybe even just Cascade 220.

So, here’s to men’s sweaters! And tweed! And dreams of fall!

What were your favourites from this collection? Are you already thinking about fall knits?