Packable Knits

As I mentioned earlier, I'm getting ready to spend my summer abroad. Obviously my #3 concern (behind finding flights and accommodations) is what knitting to bring. I want to keep it light, because I only have limited space in my luggage, and because it's going to be summer in a hot place. As a lifetime almost arctic-circle dweller, I'm concerned that I might die in the heat, so light things are a must. Last time I was away from my stash this long was on a backpacking trip, so all I could pack were socks. (Somehow I managed to make it 6 months of cross-continental travel without breaking a DPN! About 10 seconds after realizing this and being all self-congratulatory about it I totally snapped one in half, though. True story) Anyways, this time I have an apartment to call home base so I can be a bit more flexible with my choices. Here's what has been on my brain!

Candidate #1: Beautiful Spring Scarf from the Purl Bee
Photo from the Purl Bee
I fell instantly in love with this scarf. Seriously. I love the simplicity and the vibrance of the tassels at the bottom. It's such a fantastic contrast! I'm fairly certain I could never finish this scarf if I had steady access to both my stash and an LYS, as I have the attention span of a gnat. I figure this could be a solid desert island project! And since I can't find any knotting cord close by, nor can I afford the shipping from Purl Soho to recreate the tassles in this masterpiece, I'll have to figure that out later. I have some lovely cotton/linen in my stash that would make a great substitute for the scarf portion, though! (I admit, I fondled the yarn called for in the pattern for a shameful amount of time when I visited Purl last month. It's amazing.)

Candidate #2: Muji Painting by Lies Vandesande
Image from Lies Vandesande

Do you detect a theme? Because it's miles of stockinette stitch that go around my neck. I loved this cowl when I found it, and I was even more convinced when Ariane made one in the most beautiful shade of mauve. I would be inclined to pick up a couple skeins of Malabrigo Lace for this, given how fantastically soft and light that stuff is. Or maybe some Tanis lace. Who knows.

Candidate #3: Lakeshore Shawl by Glenna C.
Image from Glenna C.
This one is, by far, the most brain intensive of my candidates. I've had this queued on Ravelry for well over a year. I love the pattern, the scale, and the fact that it would fill a niche in my wardrobe that remains empty. I picked up some yarn at Romni on my first visit which is a nice, single ply in between fingering and lace weights with this shawl in mind.

Candidate #4: Bridgewater Shawl by Jared Flood
Image from Brooklyn Tweed
Ok, so this one only recently hit my radar in an urgent way. I'm possibly only including it in my brainchild list because a) Chelsea just finished one and I have massive shawl envy and b) I would do it in Malabrigo lace and, well, that just sounds like a great idea. One annoyance with this one is that the middle section is huge, but it is only garter stitch which would be great brainless knitting. I would probably skip the edging for the time being because I don't really feel like carting around the longest circular needle known to man, which is likely what's required.

What are your thoughts? What have you packed for trips away from your stash?

What's up, May?

Well, spring is happening in Ontario and it's awesome. I'm feeling refreshed after a couple weeks of low-key working time with plenty of knitting, coffee and open-window time. I even got to crack out my beloved sandals today!

This is going to be a huge month for me. The biggest thing is that I'll be heading to Italy for a three month research trip! This will be my first time really travelling by myself, which is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I have a ton of work to do before I go, including a bunch of lab work (fish maceration for the win!), bidding adieu to my current sardine can of a house and moving into a new apartment (THANK GOD) and deciding what to pack in a tiny suitcase. The most important packing decision is, of course, what I'm bringing to knit! I have a couple candidates that I'm working through, I'll post more about those soon! I'm also turning 24 which is terrifying. I remember when I thought I'd have my life together by now. Ha!

For now, I have a (typical) date with an iced americano, Parks and Rec (how have I not watched this before?!), and the never ending edging of my Rock Island shawl. Seriously, this thing is going on forever.

Happy Wednesday, and here's to an awesome May!