busy busy busy

I can't believe it's almost the end of August! I only have 7 workdays left before I've finished at my job, it's insane! I'm also doing a bit of cat-sitting for the next month (beware, much cat-talk ahead), and will be away from home for almost 6 weeks, and it has only donned on me this evening that I need to figure out what knits to bring! But, priorities be damned, and I spent some time spinning this evening. The fibre is from The Sweet Sheep, and the colour compliments my wheel so nicely. Love!

Pleasant Surprises

This year I convinced my dad to sign up for a Community Supported Agriculture share, and it was one of the best decisions we've made in recent memory. There's so many things that are wonderful about the program. First, the food in our bundles is picked out of the ground the day it makes it to my fridge. Second, I've had to teach myself a lot of things and be more adventurous with my cooking. Mixing beet greens and bacon to make stir fry's, roasting zucchini, figuring out what on earth to do with so many carrots and peas, but my favourite to date is my Borscht adventure.

17. Fire King!

I've never really cooked with beets, so I was super surprised when I chopped one open and it was a lovely gold on the inside. I had no idea they came that way! And some more food pictures, here is this week's haul. Yum!

CSA Week 7