new year, new project

In the New Year's spirit, I finally started to swatch and cast on the behemoth Timberline sweater I talked about here. I decided to use the Briggs and Little Heritage which is such a nice yarn to work with! It's got a similar hand to the originally-called-for Shelter for less than half the price. (And it's a Canadian product, so that's cool) The biggest difference that I've noticed between the two is that the B&L feels more dense while the Shelter is more airy. I let my dad choose the colour and he went with Seafoam which is a really beautiful teal-grey colour after a near catastrophe as his first choice was grape.


The man wanted a purple cabled sweater.

He is a bit colourblind, so maybe it doesn't look purple to him, but I refused to knit 2000+ yards in purple. That's a thing I just can't do.

My swatching went well, but it turns out that the B&L Regal (which is closer to a DK weight) may have been a better choice. I couldn't get the Heritage to get to gauge without turning it into some kind of bulletproof fabric, so I'll be knitting the 43" size to get to the 47" finished measurement. Now, this evening I'll definitely get my tubular cast on going and start some sleeves!

What are your new year's knits? (And stay warm everyone! I got a weather alert warning for a snow squall in my area which isn't even a thing I knew existed)