Learn Learn Learn

Winter and I have gotten off to a rough start. On the first really snowy day, I wore my not-too sensible shoes and took a massive wipe-out in front of a library at school. In the process I managed to not only dent my laptop (thankfully on the non-LCD side) but also give myself a rather nasty bruise, whose accompanying bump makes it look like I have the largest knee ever. Then, in the -20C weather it struck me. It's almost December. The term is almost over. All the problems (ie: term papers..) that I left for Future Hannah have finally caught up to me. So, now fueled by fear,shame, peppermint mochas and fresh pho, I have 3.5 days to finish a term paper on Galileo and Pope Urban VIII. Then on to 2 presentations and another paper...

My study knitting, thanks to the $5 bookstand propping up my book of correspondences in the photo above, is Elizabeth Zimmerman's garter stitch blanket (rav link) in Cascade Eco Wool. I bought this yarn over a year ago, shamelessly stealing the idea from Jared Flood. It's not portable, since the pieces are pretty huge, so it's perfect for sitting at the desk. I'm getting slightly unreasonably excited for my Christmas break, which starts in exactly a month, since I'll be able to knit non-garter stitch things! And sleep in! I found a little graphic which sums up my next 4 weeks completely..

Happy Sunday!