Jemaine grows up

I bought my Kiwi, Jemaine, in May and I've gotten some decent mileage on it.. however, it's unfinished, and that's a bit depressing. So I finally took the plunge, bought some paint and some stain and away I went.

Jemaine before and during

My photo quality ended up being pretty lousy for the second shot, but it's a pretty chestnutty brown. I do have a colour picked for the flyer, wheel, tension knob and kiwi... but I'll save that for the final glam shot. The anticipation of some long weekend crafting, I had to finish plying my singles. And now I wait for both Jemaine and my handspun to dry out on the deck by drinking a beer and resisting the urge to scratch out my collection of mosquito welts.


Saturday Starts

Today marks the start of my year in photos.


I think this will be a challenge to come up with creative or even mildly interesting photographs, especially during the winter while going to school. But, I'll deal with that when it comes time, which may be far too soon. But since it's a million degrees today, I'll be drinking some iced coffee, knitting Americano, and watching Twin Peaks. Happy Weekend!


So here it goes, I don't know who I really expect to read this, but here goes nothing. Now that I've spent an hour messing around with backgrounds and fonts, I have to get back to my Tour de Fleece spinning. I've been a pretty lame competitor, all I've finished is 1 bobbin. It needs a mate, badly.

First Bobbin!

I'm not sure what the fibre is, but it's awesome. The colour is so brilliant, and I'm proud that I'm actually spinning slightly even yarn for the first time!