Jemaine grows up

I bought my Kiwi, Jemaine, in May and I've gotten some decent mileage on it.. however, it's unfinished, and that's a bit depressing. So I finally took the plunge, bought some paint and some stain and away I went.

Jemaine before and during

My photo quality ended up being pretty lousy for the second shot, but it's a pretty chestnutty brown. I do have a colour picked for the flyer, wheel, tension knob and kiwi... but I'll save that for the final glam shot. The anticipation of some long weekend crafting, I had to finish plying my singles. And now I wait for both Jemaine and my handspun to dry out on the deck by drinking a beer and resisting the urge to scratch out my collection of mosquito welts.


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