Unintended Absences

Can you believe it’s almost the end of October? I’ve spent the last (almost) 2 months trying to make sense of school and get into my thesis-writing groove. Trying and failing, but it’s a work in progress. October seems to have turned into a month of thinking thoughts about my future and what on earth I’m doing in grad school. As always, though, there are happy things to settle my mind. Without any real knitting progress to show, though I’ve been knitting a ton, here are some good things happening right now:
  • Settling into life with the cat Monty Burns. (Seen above flashing his nuts like he just doesn’t care) His favourite way to be held is like a baby and he frequently just passes out with his little tongue sticking out. Even though he’s a bitey little man who doesn't believe in sleep-ins, I still love him to bits.
  • Deciding to get another cat! Monty is a high energy little guy and both my roommate and I live lives that require being out of the house for multiple hours a day. I met an amazing lady friend for him this week and I’m hoping that nobody else takes her home from the shelter before Sunday! Accepting my fate as a cat lady is kind of liberating. I grew up in a 2-cat household, and I’ve felt empty being catless for the last 7 years or so. And it’s OK to buy a cat for your cat, right?
  • Making myself feel better about not being at Rhinebeck this weekend by curling up under a wool blanket, knitting some socks, drinking pumpkin chai tea and watching Netflix with my guy. I can manufacture fall vibes inside a tiny apartment like nobody’s business. 

I’m spending my fall reading break with James and hopefully I’ll get both knitting and some thesis writing done. I also have an FO that was finished in May to photograph. What are you up to this week? Did you go to Rhinebeck?