My Knitting Time

Well, I made it to the last day of Blog Week with only 1 missing post! I'm going to call that a win.

 Today's topic is about our knitting/crochet time. Like all the other students who have posted, between the months of September and April my crafting time is pretty limited.

Meet my desk. This is where 90% of my waking time at home is spent. In the season of term papers and finals, we're very close.  I've spent the year honing my simultaneous reading and knitting skills, mostly thanks to my trusty $5 book stand and dual monitor. Much as I would like to say that I spend all my desk time studying, I do spend an awful lot of time watching Netflix. (They just got Angel in Canada, I sense a time suck on the horizon)

The project I'm working on is Veera's aptly named Stripe Study Shawl. It's my first Wollmeise project and I'm loving it so far! There's no way I can do the colours justice, but I'm combining Maus Jung and Merlot.

With that, I'm off to do one last read of my paper so I can print it off and watch this week's Archer. Thanks for reading my little blog this week! I've enjoyed the week so much, I'm pumped to post more often!


  1. Oooh, I love the look of your little work station! All the cute photographs... :)

  2. @fridica

    Thanks! The 3 photos come from a lovely photographer who always visits my local craft sales. You can see her work here!