And Now For Something (Completely) Different

So, I totally flubbed up on getting yesterday's KCBW post out. I spent the day in the library away from my camera, the evening out with Mother Mother, and got home and fell asleep instantly. If you haven't heard of them before, go check them out! Their style takes a bit of getting used to, but I can't think of any other bands who can pull off such weird harmonies live. In any event, I do have something that I would like to write about for yesterday's blog week topic, so I'll work on getting that up as soon as I can. I also wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the love about my photo wall! I'm super proud of how it came together, and each and every one of your comments made me smile! I've got another photo wall in my bedroom, and I'm thinking of doing a post about how I put that one together if anyone is interested.

Without further ado, here are some things that made my week a little bit brighter!

In case anyone is interested:
The print is from Hilda Grahnat's Help Japan store. (I loved the postage on the envelope!)
My adorable fascinator is from Giant Dwarf. I've been lusting after one of these for a long time, and then it showed up in the perfectly styled photoshoot for the Americano vest from Berroco 302, then again in Ysolda's Little Red preview, and my need was sealed. Sue retired the design, and thanks to Twitter I got one of the last ones! I love it, and wore it out last night. I felt so fancy!
The last photo, since no blog post would be complete without yarn, is hopefully going to grow up into a Cowichan-like sweater!

Happy Friday guys!


  1. Yup, I agree, that headband is gooorgeous! I fell in love with it after I saw it on Ysolda - your red version is awesome too!

  2. I love your headband,its so cute