Back from the dead

I'm still here! It's been an insane couple of weeks for me. I started my job, which it awesome, but totally drained me for the first week. It all paid off (literally) when I got my first cheque yesterday, it felt great to clear off all the credit cards and beef up the savings after a school year of almost no income. All that exhaustion has taken a bit of a toll on my knitting. Getting home at 6 and being dead asleep by 9 does nothing for hobbies or fun. At least the weather is turning, the grass is growing and I can start planting things again.

I did finish the tiny roll of film from my sweet camera, and those photos are off being developed, so who knows how long that's going to take. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't get a roll of over exposed garbage, since I found out that the shutter is manual and I'm not the quickest with the hands. My photo adventure from my last post ended up being pretty insane. My friend and I took a walk down a cliff through our river valley on paths not designed for wearing moccasins. That being said, it was super fun and I got at least one photo. He had his camera, and is developing his film soon so I'm excited to see what he came up with. I also yanked my dad's old SLR out of the closet and have been shooting with that, hopefully I'll finish my current roll up this week and get it off.

Anyways, I don't have a ton to say today. I just wanted to pop in since I was feeling a little bit of blog withdrawal. I've decided to start doing WIP Wednesdays to keep myself on track, as I broke one of my resolutions and have way too many things on the go. One of them, which I just cast on, is totally exciting. I got a call from one of my coworkers in the Calgary office of my company and she's having a baby boy in a month! Since she's a sweetheart, and I'm a sucker for making baby things despite my non-interest in babies, I cast on for some Stay On Baby Booties in Jitterbug.

I knit myself a pair of knee-highs with this yarn when traveling in Europe, but was pretty disappointed in the pooling so they got frogged once I got home. I've been totally clueless about what to do with this yarn, so I figure this will be a good starting place. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be totally appreciative. It just seems too variegated for a shawl, socks already failed, and I've got 2 balls of it. Maybe a stripey sweater? Pillow? Who knows.

And with that, I'm going to spend the evening with Breakfast at Tiffany's, some booties and some crazy delicious Rhubarb wine from the market. Who knew that Rhubarb wine existed? If you ever have some, and like white wine, try it. I think it's my favourite wine yet. I felt like such a champ being at the market before 9am, and got to reap the rewards with tasty wine, lots of herbs, fresh bagels and the best tomatoes I've ever eaten. I'm so glad there's more local food than carrots, onions and potatoes to eat. 

Happy Saturday!


  1. aww what pretty flowers and yarn XD

  2. Oh, variagated yarn... something in seed st maybe?