Winter is here

Well, Edmonton managed to dodge winter for a surprisingly long time. I can't remember the last time we had a snowless Remembrance day. In any event, I woke up to this:

Birch doesn't really know what to do about it either. He seems to be amused with the smells, but has been grumpy and cold all morning.

My knitting seems to have been quite well timed, as I just finished myself some winter wear. In the span of a movie (plus a little extra) I cast on and finished a Parisian Twist Ear Warmer. I decided to try and grow out my hair, and that always poses a challenge in winter. The compromise between warmth and having hat hair all day is something I'm far too vain to contend with. The pattern was easy and well written, and the product is the perfect combination of squishy, warm and practical. Plus, I got to use a cute button I've had in my stash forever.

The rest of my day is going to be filled with research, nutella hot chocolate, soup, knitting and a bit of Harry Potter to keep me sane. What are your favourite things to do to chase the chill?

Happy Saturday!


  1. I hate hat head...but am getting to the point where I can't figure punt how to avoid it and be warm. I think I will just knit hats and wear the All Day Long. :).
    Chasing the chill...scarves and home made chai tea. Yum.

  2. @Luch
    Home made chai? That sounds awesome! Do you make a concentrate or the steeping kind? I spend a stupid amount of money on chai concentrate from a tea shop near my house since I'm just too wimpy to make it myself..