Happy Small Business Saturday!

While I failed at actually participating, I can imagine I'm shopping while writing, right? I have my eye on a lovely top from Vanilla and Lace, and I'm bribing myself that if I can get 20 pages of writing done by the end of the weekend I'll be allowed to buy it.

I feel like it's a mad goal, but I set it anyways.

I have no knitting content, yet again, but here's a photo of a frozen Edmonton taken from the top of my home at school, a.k.a the giant building shadow on the left. The sad part of that photo is that it was taken at 3pm when the sun was setting. Though, it's a small price to pay for such a beautiful view of the frozen river.

Now, off to write more and drink lots more coffee. I hope you all have woolier weekends than I!

Happy Saturday!


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