To procrastinate..

Just popping in to show off the fruits of this weekend's (less than enthusiastic) reading marathon. It's another cowl!

It's the Gap-Tastic cowl again. It's mindless and I can work seed-stitch while reading, and Malabrigo worsted doubled up goes so fast. Plus, Frank Ochre is such an amazing colour, I can't get over it.

I also had the pleasure of going to Make-It, a.k.a the most epic and awesome craft sale, with some lovely ladies on Saturday. I spent more than I should have, and came out with some great stuff that will likely show up here soon!

I'll leave you with a lovely cover of a beautiful song, Skinny Love. Birdy's album is full of delightful covers fit for falling temperatures and clicking needles. What are your favourite songs for this time of year?

Happy Sunday


  1. I *L O V E* reading and knitting at the same time. My husband even bought me book stands to hold my books up when I'm reading~ a small one for paperbacks and a bigger one for my hardbacks. If only they could turn the pages themselves.... xD

    That cowl is so cute and the color is gorgeous.

    That song is gorgeous! Thanks for posting the video~ I've never heard of Birdy before. I'm going to have to find her album now.

    Have a great rest of the night!

  2. @KnittedFox The $5 I spent on a cheap wire bookstand at school was the best $5 ever spent! Now I do most of my reading on an iPad, so it's even easier than turning a page which is awesome. And I'm glad you enjoyed the video. She's a bit, well, solemn.. but she has a beautiful non-autotuned voice (and is only 14!)

  3. Love reading and knitting at the same time. I did it with the Hunger Games trilogy and accomplished so much. I have a kindle so it made it easy to deal with the page turning. And dang, a great cover! Love the original but I like the faster pace.

  4. @izznit Kindle's are the best! Mine has been sadly neglected since I can't hack reading journal articles on it. I did download Ulysses to it last night and am planning on devouring it after finals!