Since September I've been living about two and a half hours away from Toronto and never went. My dad and I drove through on the way to IKEA, but that totally doesn't count, so 2 weekends ago my friend and I decided to take a day and hit the town. I was quite taken with the place. It was crazy busy, but that was outweighed by the fantastic food, amazing shops neat architecture and unique street art. I stopped in to Romni Wools and just about melted. (I also went to Lettuce Knit, Americo and The Knit Cafe.. I couldn't help myself) I can't wait to go back in the new year.
I'm now starting the last 2 weeks before I go back home for Christmas. I'm so unbelievably excited! (I also sort of can't believe I've made it through my first term of grad school) I have a great gigantic list of cooking I want to do since I won't have to share with 6 people. Being reunited with my kitchenaid is going to be a spectacular thing. I still have a term paper to write, some classes to prep for and some christmas knitting to finish! Hopefully I can squeeze it all in. At least I have a fairly substantial treat at the end of the term.

I hope all the USians out there had a nice thanksgiving!



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