A Prairie Girl, Straight to the Bone

On Monday night, I had the pleasure of seeing Mother Mother and Hannah Georgas live in Peterborough. I haven't missed a Mother Mother show since 2007, and I'm glad I got to uphold the tradition even though my usual partner in crime was far, far away. They were fantastic, as usual, and seeing them in a relatively small venue was a serious perk of being in a small town. Usually I'm stuffed in a crowd of hundreds of people or behind giant cement beams, or a really tall person. This time, I got a balcony thing with no obstructing view and plenty of dancing space.

Seeing live music always re-energizes me. I really needed it, especially with the end of term looming, with term papers to write and final arrangements to be made. Just in case anyone else needs a boost, here are some songs that I've been playing on repeat when I can.

First is Prairie Girl by Rah Rah. I adore this girl's voice and, well, that's a beat worthy of walking across campus in the cold while in a homesick mood.

Second is Waiting Game by Hannah Georgas. She played this at the show, and it was great, but this version has a ton of fantastic Canadian musicians accompanying as well (including the lead from Mother Mother and a band member from Tegan and Sara).

Last but not least, here's a live version of The Sticks by Mother Mother. This record is definitely moodier than previous ones, but it's a great soundtrack to early sunsets, long nights, and frustration with too many roommates.

Well, I'm back to the books. Quantification methods wait for no (wo)man! What music have you found lately?


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