It's been a rough week. I'm piled under mountains of school work, frustrating assignments for marking, surrounded by the noise of too many roommates, and eating lousy (for me) food. It's not good. I'm ready for the term to be over and I'm ready to go home.

Being away from home is a lot harder than I expected. There are some awesome things about where I am, for instance I went to Toronto last weekend and it cost me $30. It's also November and there's no snow on the ground and I haven't had to put away my moccasins yet. The people I have here are fantastic and I love them to bits. That being said, I'm missing my familiar haunts, hugs from my love, and a certain golden retriever's waggly tail. I'm missing my wonderful friends and the river valley.

Only 3 weeks to go.. not that I'm counting.



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