That time I went to Pontypool

When I first moved out east, my dad signed up to do an open-wheel racing course. (He's big into NASCAR and stuff. I don't get it, though zipping around in little cars did look pretty fun) I served as the unofficial photographer for the day, but since racing isn't my thing, I went on a little field trip by myself. I went to Pontypool.
If you're into zombie films, I highly recommend Pontypool. It's a really interesting take on the spread of the, well.. zombies. And it's a Canadian film so I get some extra warm fuzzies from that.
I went to try and find the infamous radio station, but after chatting with a lady at the post office, was disappointed to find out that the station wasn't real. They did film some of the movie in town, though, and some pretty big names have come through working on other projects. Since I had nothing but time on my hands, I took some photos of the place.

What are you doing for Halloween? I'm going to try and hide from all the drunken university students that will undoubtedly be crawling around my neighbourhood. And probably do homework, because that's what grad school is about, right?



  1. That barn shot is spooky. Also: Pontypool is such a great movie. Actually, now that you remind me of it, I should track down and read the book it was based on. Anyways. Take care H, and good luck with the homework.

    1. I know, right? I think it's on Netflix, so it might be a post-homework halloween treat. For the class I'm TA'ing we had to read 'Earth Abides' which was the first all-the-humans-are-gone book, so the Walking Dead without zombies. Worth a read and easy to find secondhand since it was published in 1949!