Cauliflower Cheddar Soup

Since I now seem to have access to awesome produce at at an affordable price at the local market, I'm trying to only buy my veggies there. Well, at least for now. Canadian produce in the winter is basically potatoes, onions and carrots and that gets tiresome. We'll see what happens.
A few weeks back I picked up a giant green cauliflower and, while rejoicing in the empty house resulting from the Thanksgiving weekend, I made myself a batch of cauliflower cheddar soup. It was really easy to make and would have been easy to make in a big batch, but my kitchen is depressingly understocked and I only have tiny pots.

I chopped up the onion and fried it in a bit of olive oil, and cooked until translucent. Then I added a bunch of pepper, the cauliflower, milk, water and the boullion cube (totally optional, I'm sure it would have been fine without it) and brought it to a boil. Once it reached the boiling point, turned down the element and simmered until the cauliflower was soft. Then I got to go to town with my immersion blender. (You may need to add more water/milk at this point. My soup was thick, but I like it that way) Once blended, stir in cheese. Voila! I would love to see this soup with a purple cauliflower. The green stuck around surprisingly well, and I wonder if purple would do the same.

This evening, I'm accepting a fail on getting my Rhinebeck sweater finished. It's just not going to happen. My last week was insane and I barely spent any time at home! I'm hoping to get a good bit of it done on the bus, though. To make myself feel better, I'm picking up my long neglected Terra shawl, turning on Netflix, grabbing my apple cider from the market and going to town.

For those of you going to Rhinebeck, see you there! I'll have a million pictures next week, I'm sure.



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