Autumn and a New Toy

After almost a year of basically only taking photos with my iPhone, I finally have a new camera! James got something shiny and new, so after much negotiating I ended up buying it off him. Well, sort of. But in any event, I couldn't have been happier to get a package delivered to my door with that familiar and much-missed handwriting on the label.
 To test it out, I brought it out to the Farmer's Market this morning. I still can't get over the great produce here. Seriously, I got the biggest cauliflower for less than half the price of what I paid back home. It's insanity. I also discovered that I am currently at the same latitude as Portland. Portland!
I also got some delicious apples and gouda. This is my new favourite snack ever. I even bought some peanut butter, so this week's snacks may get crazy. There was no shortage of tiny squashes either, but I had to watch my pennies. Maybe next week!
I just finished watching the Rumble 2012, and I think I'm going to cap off the evening with the Avengers. That should be better the second time, right? Plus, I need to seriously get cracking on my Rhinebeck sweater. I only have about 2 weeks left! 

Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians out there, and happy fall to the rest. What are you up to this weekend?



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