Wool People 3

Here I am, trying to pare down my stash and decide what yarns are worth carrying across the country, which projects need to get finished before I go, and planning my fall wardrobe and the biggest wrench gets chucked in my progress. Brooklyn Tweed, you kill me.

I love a good hat, and all 3 in this issue are wonderful. I'm particularly smitten with the Fjord hat by Jenny Gordy, as I had planned to re-create the hat which appeared on her beautiful blog last winter at some point anyways.

And only BT could make me want to make a giant stockinette stitch scarf, but here we are. Not to mention the great palette in the scarf size which I would, and probably will, recreate. I think Jared Flood is my spirit animal or something. Every issue he curates is better than the last and I can see myself wearing a great majority of the patterns, which is something I haven't been relating to in the knitting world for awhile. What were your favourites from the collection?

Note both photos in this post are from Brooklyn Tweed.

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  1. Just moved across the country and condensing the yarn stash was the most difficult part! I didn't bring any cheap yarns but I ended up craving de-stresser project rather than a "nice" project, and bought a few skeins of garbage yarn immediately after unpacking... Which is to say - good luck with the yarn part of your move! And all the other parts, of course.