In which the nation ages

Well, this is my obligatory "Happy 145th, Canada" post. To celebrate, I went grocery shopping, watched Star Wars, went to the dog park, and tried some basic HTML and CSS with a fantastic tutorial from Katrina at the Pugly Pixel. (Seriously, if you know nothing about html, it's a great tutorial. I downloaded a program called gedit which worked swimmingly. Katrina is also the lady who provided my blog template. I love it!) James and I might bike down to see the fireworks later, but that's about it.

Now, I plan on using the rest of my long weekend to finish the Elijah that has been on my needles for months. I started it for a baby shower in April and said baby has since been born and seen more than one lunar cycle. So far, the pattern has been great, but would one really expect anything else from Ysolda? The only thing I really changed was adding the eyes on before the body was attached so I could hide all the dark-coloured ends away. Oh, and it reaffirmed my hatred for French Knots. One day I'll make peace with them, but today is not that day.

(Also, apologies for formatting weirdness lately.. I've been trying to get in the groove of this new template and getting used to giant photos)

What are you up to with your long weekend? (Or midweek holiday south of the border?)



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