On Change

There are a number of reasons behind my radio silence around here. I keep having things I want to share, but feel so behind that I just never end up saying anything at all.

The last few months have been pretty big for me. I graduated with my BA in Anthropology, started working again, got to move back in with James but most excitingly of all, I got accepted into a Master’s program.

This has finally begun to sink in for me as I’m looking for housing, perusing leases and planning what to cart along with me. I’ll be moving to Ontario (more on that later) and trying to clean up my life in Alberta is proving to be much more difficult than expected. While it’s exciting that I get to continue my education, I also have to face the fact that I’ll be 2 time zones away from James, my Dad, and the city I have come to love. There have been many breakdowns. Many, many of them. 

On the lighter side, I’m coming out East, folks! Since I found out, I’ve been looking at yarn stores (my town has a lovely one) and wool-themed things to do for taking my mind off my impending homesickness. Not to mention planning knits for a grad school wardrobe. I need a new one, right? I think the fates aligned because Rhinebeck lines up with a fall break! I hope I can springboard that into an opportunity to turn internet friendships into real ones!

Given the huge changes that are coming in my life, I’m planning some changes around here too. I want to expand what I do here beyond knitting into some of the other hobbies of mine, including cooking, style and living (hopefully successfully) on a small budget. Who knew being a grad student wasn’t a lucrative position? Shocking, I know.

Have any of you ever moved across the country? Any tips? I’m seriously freaking out about what to bring, what’s worth buying there and surviving my future with 4 roommates. 

Before this turns into the Iliad, I’ll leave you with a clip from Kimbra’s amazing album which got released in the US and Canada last month. She’s been on repeat ever since.


  1. Good Luck! It's so exciting that things have come together for you and I can't wait to keep reading your blog - and your adventures - in Ontario. When I moved across the country (twice) on a small budget, I only took what I absolutely had to take or things that would cost less to ship than to buy in my new location. ...and some things that reminded me of home so I could look at them frequently.

    1. It's so hard deciding what's important! I'm trying to stay alert for ways of displaying photos so that I can have everybody close as can be!