Day 1

If there's one thing I adore in life, it's cheese. God, I love cheese. This is why today is extra sad for me, as this is my first day of going dairy-free. It totally breaks my heart to see all the cheesy goodness languishing in my fridge (it'll get put to good use somehow) but it had to be done. I've been feeling really sluggish lately, and my body seems to be getting more and more upset with my almost constant dairy intake. So, as a test, I'm going to cut all dairy out for a month. I also found out that my university health plan covers at least one session with a dietician, so I'm eager to arrange that meeting!

In order to balance my overwhelming desire to chow down on some perogies laced with sour cream, I'm donning my adorable new heartlette pin from Giant Dwarf. It's not solving my problems, but it's helping!

Do any of you have favourite dairy free recipes? Or would you like to see some around here? I've been looking around and found such delicious looking recipes as vegan nutella and creamy avocado pasta.

Have an awesome weekend, everybody! I'm going to be catching up on some reading that got woefully neglected over reading week and finishing up some FO's so that I can be ready for some stash-busting come (Malabrigo) March.



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  2. You could try making some cream or mousse using silken tofu. Both of these recipes are on my to make list and look delicious:
    "Chocolate Mouse by Chef Michael Smith"

    "Lemon Cream by Martha Stewart"

    1. Thanks for the links! That lemon cream one looks especially delicious, I could eat lemon curd with a spoon forever if nobody stopped me.

    2. I know! I love all things lemon! At least since the cream is made with tofu, you get protein as a plus.