Staying afloat

It's been a rough couple weeks/month/term for me. Stress of grad school applications, daydreams of moving away from home, life, love and trying to maintain that GPA. As you can imagine, this has left me without much time to be knitting, and therefore little content to share around here. I still haven't even finished my christmas knitting. (In my defence, however, I'm waiting for some felt to arrive. And it still hasn't. So I continue to put that off) For now, it's reading week, and I'm taking some good solid time to relax, watch some Battlestar Galactica and finish reading the Hunger Games.

Right now I'm away from home house-sitting a lovely kitty who made an appearance around here last summer and I have been busy getting all the cuddles I possibly can.

I did get a little bit of inspiration in my mailbox, I finally managed to find some Tosh Merino Light in Edison Bulb! I've been lusting after some crazypants neon, and Mr. Yarn recently got some in stock. (Seriously, guys, this stuff is blinding. I have no idea how they get that colour!) I also nabbed a skein in Antler to make the Purl Bee's Two Colour Cowl.  I'm not sure my complexion and red hair could handle highlighter yellow by my face, so the beige might offset it nicely. At least that's the plan.

I'm really excited about the next few weeks. I've already gotten some excellent and encouraging news, and hopefully more is on the way. (Any over-the-internet-finger-crossings are more than welcome) This means my continued radio silence is almost guaranteed, and also that big changes are likely on the way.

Now, my cat-hair covered self is off to get some more of the epic aforementioned snuggles and curl up on the couch.



  1. It's good to take some time off sometimes! take care and I can't wait to hear your big news ;) Cross your fingers for me too ok!

    1. Finger crossings all around! (Also, your new sweater is amazing. I can't wait to make it!)

  2. Oooh, my fingers are crossed for you! x^_^x

    P.S. such a cute kitty!