Nearing the home stretch

Well, I've lived up to my previous post guaranteeing silence. It's kind of hard to imagine that I'm only a month away from being finished my degree! That also means that I have a gazillion things to do, am suffering from lazy-college-senioritis, and have found myself enthralled in a bunch of TV shows. I have reviews to compose, posters to put together, and (most terrifying of all) my honours thesis to finish. Not to mention exams and the serious need to keep up my GPA.

Needless to say my crafting has gone by the wayside. I can't focus on anything, and have screwed up everything I touch. So far, I've messed up the decreases on a cardigan, dropped a bunch of stitches on a scarf, miscounted the decrease arrangement on a hat.. it's a sad place around here. It's a good thing I have an endless stream of UFO's handy, because I get the jitters or something when knitting isn't nearby.

I did, however, pull out my sewing machine for the first time in ages. James needed his pants hemmed, and I miraculously pulled it off! I'm no professional, but at least he's not walking on his pants anymore. While my machine was out, I finished up a project I had prepared weeks ago: A Bodum cozy!

I loved the Lauren Moffat coat for Anthropologie last year (here it is on the lovely Keiko Lynn) but couldn't afford it and failed to meet it on the sale rack. The least I could do instead was to deck out my french press, right? It was really easy to make, it's just two pieces of felt sewn together with the arrow trim attached to one side. I painted some ugly yellow buttons with some coral nail polish from my collection to match, and used a hair elastic as a closure. Not the classiest, but it certainly helps my coffee stay warm longer which means less wasted bitter cold coffee! If I were to do it again, I would add another layer of felt in the middle for even more insulation. Live and learn, right?

Now, I'm off to hit the books some more. Do you guys lose your crafting mojo when stressed out? I need to get over this, spring is coming and I'm not finished my winter knitting!


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