Study, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

It's that time of year where everything happens all at once. It's not like I haven't done this before. I know this annual routine of panicking and flailing, but I can never get the better of it. (Though, this year includes the added fun of a thesis proposal. How did I get here?) As a result, my knitting time has taken a beating. Since I don't really have much time, I've been relishing the stockinette tubes laying around my room. My Stasis pullover gained a good 1.5" this weekend, but at the expense of my Gathering Stripes. That sucker is going nowhere fast.

But I'm dreaming of new and better things, so I better get finishing!

My new (and awesome) LYS, Needles in the Hay, had it's birthday sale a couple weeks back and among the things I picked up were these two balls of Berroro Blackstone Tweed. My initial plans for it was Stephen West's Pom-Pom It! hat, but I've since changed my mind to his Raxtur hat. I kind of love the texture and versatility of Raxtur, and I think these colours would work really nicely together. Different enough to be stripey, but similar enough to not be weird. Just my style.

This weekend James is coming all the way out to Toronto from Edmonton, so I'm gleefully anticipating exploring a city with him again. I can't wait to eat all the good food! It will be a welcome break after this week (which has been bananas), and it will take lots of work to catch up, but 4 days off will be lovely. Now, to get a couple stitches in before bed!

Fellow students, how do you balance your crafting with schoolwork? I really need to work on maximizing my time in an effective way. I have big plans, after all!



  1. ha, i was just thinking this exact question. i started grad school this fall and hardly did any knitting until winter break. it also seems that most of my friends have decided to have babies this spring so i'm trying to figure out how making gifts, school and work will coexist together!

    1. It's ridiculous how much time grad school takes up, isn't it? I'm working on a plan for myself so that I can jam school work, knitting time and sleep all together. They're going to play nice whether they like it or not!