Finally, an FO! (Or Two)

I basically spent yesterday curled up in a pile of snot and tissues yesterday, and my prolific amount of internet surfing reminded me that I hadn't been here in awhile. Part of that is my seeming inability to take photos. I swear I have all the things I need, I just never seem to connect life to the lens. And blog posts without photos are sad. After some coaching through photo exporting processes, I finally have documentation of the two little sweaters I made for Christmas presents. Miraculously, one of them was finished in time. The other one was finished before I came home, so I give myself half points on that one. Both of these knits were for the progeny of my favourite neighbours. Their little girl, who I've previously knit for, is one of the coolest toddlers in the universe. Right when I moved out to Ontario they announced the arrival of another little dude. I'm sure he'll be just as awesome as his sister and also deserved to be covered in handknits!

First up is Baby Sophisticate. I used Berroco Vintage Chunky which made for a super quick knit. I cast this sucker on during my shortest flight home and I quickly got through the raglan shaping before landing. I'm a bit sad I didn't make it bigger since, wait for it, babies grow like weeds.. No matter, the buttons are adorable and he'll look like a tiny scholar for as long as he fits it!
Second is Gathering Stripes. I started this way back in the summer on my drive out to Ontario but I just never really got around to dealing with it until October or so. It's made out of Madelinetosh Merino Light (I told you I liked this kid) in Composition Book Grey and Robin's Egg for the stripes. I really wasn't sure about the colour combo until I got the stripes going. It ended up fitting her with room to spare, and I think the colours are unisex enough that little brother will be able to wear it in a few years. You can't see it in the photo, but I put wooden buttons on the collar of this one too. I couldn't decide if blue or grey was the way to go, but you can't go wrong with a touch of nature!

Right now I'm working on a grown up Gathering Stripes out of Ultra Alpaca for myself. Some of the details are up on my project page if you want to take a look. I just finished the third ball about two thirds of the way through a sleeve and need to wait until tomorrow to wind another one. I'm really excited to wear this one. The fit is great thus far! Since my needles can't be empty, I'm also working on a hot water bottle because.. well.. why not?

What are you working on? Are you ready to leave the January blues in the dust?



  1. Your Baby Sophisticate is too cute! I'm a big fan of kids in adult-style clothes. He's going to look so dapper in it.

    1. I almost added elbow patches, but I managed to hold myself back. Next baby that comes along, however, may just get subjected to my madness.

    2. That would be adorable. Shoot, my future baby boy is getting plaid and polka dot suits!