Way back in the dark ages (aka about 3 years ago) while I was working my summer job, a lovely Raveler in Edmonton was destashing a ton of Terra and, being not broke at the time, picked it up. I accumulated all the colours to make Adelaide, but it just never felt quite right. So the yarn sat languishing on my shelf, and eventually made the move out to Ontario with me. Where it sat more.

Enter the Rosemont cardigan.

I saw this pop up on the Kelbourne Woollens blog and knew that it had to be mine. Further clicks proved that I not only had the required yarn, but also enough to make my size. So I'm calling it fate. And since it's Olympics time, this will be my beat-the-games project. I probably won't watch a ton of the games, given that I'm TV-less and not super into sports, but it still counts if I knit by Netflix. More specifically, the new season of House of Cards which debuts next week.

Last night I started my swatch, and hopefully I can get it finished before heading to the sports bar to watch highlights of the opening ceremonies. One can knit and block a swatch in thesis-writing breaks, right? For those curious, I'm using the Yarrow colourway and it's a bit more blue in real life than in the photo. It's a delightful colour.
While I had the camera out for swatch photos, the cats decided that it was photoshoot time. I swear to god, I turned around and Monty turned into a grown-ass cat. How does this happen?
Happy Friday! Are you casting on Olympic projects?


  1. Not for the Olympics in particular, but while waiting for some yarn for my baby cardigan (I ran out! No!), I have to cast on for a hat : my friend wants to knit it but doesn't understand it, I'll help her :)
    Oh and knitting with Netflix definitively counts ;)

    1. I can't believe you're having a baby! So exciting and so many tiny knits! (Also I'm so glad you're back blogging etc.!)

  2. ohmygosh your cat Monty looks just like the cat I had as a teenager, also named Monty. Miss that little guy. Very cute photos.
    Thanks for all your help on the Rosemont discussion board on Ravelry. You saved my raglan increase rows from being a disaster!

  3. I'm excited to see how your cardigan turns out, I'm thinking of making the Rosemont in the same colour too (which is how I found your blog haha)

  4. Terra is an awesome yarn! I know the Rosemont will be lovely. Also, I've nominated you for a Liebster award. You can check out the details here:!