Hello, 2012

I feel like I haven't been around here forever! December was, by far, the most academically challenging month of my life and I was left completely exhausted. Once my exams and papers were finished up I entered a vortex of laziness and simultaneous busyness. Now that the madness of Christmas has settled down I have a bit more time for myself and my needles.

I started making myself an Effortless Cardigan (Rav link) to bring in the new year. The theme of my new year seems to be coziness, and this fits the bill perfectly. My next semester is shaping up to be a doozy, with my honours project and some seriously heavy courses, so I'm going to need all the sweaters in the world to keep me warm during my impending late nights. Not to mention that I got the yarn, the not-so-glamourous Patons Classic Wool, on sale on Boxing Day for the lavish sum of $22.

I also have the intention of writing out my goals for the new year, but that will have to wait for a new post and more brain and willpower than I have now. One of these goals, however, is to take more photos and I fortuitously came across this nifty challenge. I'm participating via Instagram and my username is Hannahschm, I would love to hear from any other participants! So far I only have 2 photos, but I'm looking forward to having a collection! I hope the challenge continues for the rest of the year, I failed at a 365 project a year and a bit ago, but I really like that this challenge has some direction to it for days when I'm not feeling inspired.

So that's all I've got for today, I plan on spending my afternoon with Bones on Netflix and some (seemingly) endless raglan increases. 

Happy Monday everybody!


  1. You will not believe that I bought that exact mug (same initial too!) for my friend for Christmas! (the former roommate anthropologist who is secretly your twin). That made me laugh.

    Best of luck in the new year, especially with the crazy classes.

  2. Happy New Year, and best of luck with the photo challenge! If I were cool enough to have an iPhone (and, by extension, Instagram), I would totes participate.

    Also, people can snob all they want about Patons Wool, but it's good stuff for the price. I used it for some mittens, and so far they've lasted through three New England winters with minimal pilling!

  3. @burnt rain That's hilarious! One day I'm going to meet her and we'll be dressed identically and I'll just introduce myself as your friend. Then the twilight zone theme song will play spontaneously. I'm sure of it!

  4. @stephjmgYou can still try it! I mean, real cameras count way more than phones. And I'm totally enjoying the classic wool, I've gotten about 2" past the armpits and it doesn't split and feels awesome. This sweater is going to be great for so many reasons!