A Small Victory

Even though this happened 2 weeks ago now, I finally got the photos from my race! My dad showed up and served as acting photographer for my team, which worked out great because the corporate photographer was a no-show.

I wore my barefoots, and was the only person I saw running in them. I was really surprised by that, since these things are taking over the world.

My heat started last..

And 25 minutes later I made it back in. That shot is pretty harsh, and has been burned into my brain in such a way that I'm super self-conscious about my running form now. Why is my arm all the way over there, and mostly, where did my chin go? I have one, honestly.

I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing with that time. I ended up coming in 26/75 which isn't too bad for a first race. I may or may not already be looking at some more this summer. I'll be back soon with some real yarn-related content soon. I've been away from home and the camera isn't with me, which makes posting about my crafts pretty boring. Now, I'm going to enter a food coma... my softball team had the end of season dinner which consisted of me eating constantly through the whole Boston/Vancouver game. So full!

Happy Friday!


  1. Wow! Great job!

    I just started walking and my eventual goal is a marathon! Keep blogging about it please, it's really inspires me! =]

  2. @LeeAnn Schaefer
    That's an awesome goal! If I can keep it up, I think I'd like to try a half marathon next year. It's tough during the winter here, since it's almost 8 months of the year, but I'm determined!