School Sundays

Well, the stress of the final weeks of school have come creeping up on me. While I'm not necessarily being productive at the moment, I'm sitting in one of the many campus libraries working on what seems like an insurmountable pile of work. What's worse is that what I'm working on requires both hands, therefore no knitting. I even brought it with me, just in case!

My current portable knitting is Villeray by Ariane over at Falling Stitches, and the yarn was dyed by Steph over at Crafting A Better Life. I adore this colour, and I've been waiting for the perfect project to do it justice. After a bunch of false starts, I think I have a winner. It's simple and interesting at the same time, and most of all is super easy to memorize. I put the pattern on my ipod just in case I forgot it, but I've been alright so far. It might be because I usually make triangle scarves, but this rectangle feels like it never grows! I'm holding out hope, however, since this will be the perfect scarf to celebrate spring!

Well, that's all for me today. I'm pretty sure I can hear my pile of work yelling at me..

Happy Spring! I hope your day is filled with blooming flowers and puddle splashing!


  1. Yay for scarf!
    Boo for school work (will it ever end?!)

  2. @Ariane

    I really don't think it ever will.. I swear I keep conquering the pile and it just puts itself back together again.