Hello, 2011

The fall term came and went, though it really felt like it went fastest of all. I hate how all the papers and exams creep up, and combined with my chronic case of procrastination I had a really busy December. I felt good about the end of the term, and all of my exams. I’m working on getting into the honors program in Anthropology, so I’m feeling the GPA pinch which makes waiting for grades that much more difficult. While I understand that university employees deserve a Christmas holiday too, I want my grades back, dammit! In the meantime, I celebrated Christmas with my Dad and our Charlie Brown tree.

I also enjoyed, and continue to enjoy my new Kindle! Once I figured out how to email PDFs to it, I was off and knitting in no time!

I’m slowly getting used to it, and loving it more and more. While there’s something to be said for the tactile experience of reading a book, I have a hard time reading in bed since I sleep all curled up and scrunched in the covers, it’s nice to put myself to sleep by reading. Plus, the case that I got has a little light so I can make blanket forts and still read! Not to mention that I have almost 150 books on the thing already. I could go on vacation for a year and not run out. Brilliant!

I made Marian, which has turned into my favourite outdoor accessory. Doubled up, this thing is so cozy. It’s made out of Cascade Magnum, which I bought on a slightly drunken whim after my last exam, and it’s delicious! It’s big enough to cover my ears which is a huge plus when it’s -20C plus windchill while dog walking.

So, for the sake of putting things in writing and confronting public accountability, here are the first new years resolutions I have ever written down which can be summed up in a few words. Be reasonable. Absolute goals are kind of ridiculous and are generally bound for failure, so I’m going to think of these as guidelines more than anything.

1. I will be more stringent with my yarn buying. Only purposeful shopping if absolutely necessary.

2. Since I’ve just put all the WIPs I can think of into Ravelry, finish at least ¾ of these before casting on something new.

3. Once 2 is completed, keep the WIPs to a minimum, and resist the new and shiny

4. At least for the winter school term, go to the gym at least 2 times a week. I have a huge break twice a week, 4.5 hours huge, and I want to use it wisely.

5. Make more food at home. Cookies count.

And finally,

6. To ease my meat-eating crisis, limit myself to 4 meals with meat per week. Sandwich meat counts, so I’ll have to be thoughtful. Bonus points for getting my meat at the farmer’s market.

Happy 2011 everyone!


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