In which I come up with more ways to spend money

I started wearing glasses over the summer, prompted by my job requiring me to work in front of a computer all day. Since then I've come to both like them and hate them at the same time. I love that I can see which I didn't realize was a problem until I had it fixed, but I hate getting greasy smudges in my field of vision because I can't stop poking myself in the eye. Nonetheless, this gives me an excuse to daydream about cute frames. Enter Warby Parker. I found them via For Me, For You (which, if you don't read, do it now. That blog is amazing.) Not only are they super well priced, but they send a pair of glasses to a non-profit organization for each pair sold, which makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. This pair, Zagg, melts my nerdy little heart.

Image from Warby Parker

With my impending bursary money, I'm thinking that I may add these to my collection. Plus, what's better than nerding it up even more than I do on a regular basis? Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to read some philosophy then move on to a mini Halloween Buffy marathon with myself and my knitting. And maybe some coffee.

Happy Saturday!


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