Fresh Starts

So, last week marked the beginning of my school year. I feel pretty good, knowing that I'm halfway through my degree, and finally on to all the classes I'm truly interested in.

However, with school comes my ridiculous guilt about spending my free time at home not studying. This means that my view will be, sadly, restricted to my desk. I have lofty time-management goals as always happens at the beginning of the year, so the trick will be to keep it up for more than a month. Maybe having it in writing will keep me at least a little accountable, who knows.

For now, I'm off to read about the classification of mental disorders and sip this soup which I made earlier this evening. I used a modified version of this recipe, the carrots that I helped harvest on the weekend at my CSA farm and some parsley from my window garden. Delicious and not too sweet, which is the reason I usually avoid Carrot Soup like the plague.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I am totally with you on the time management--I'm in my final year of school now and there's a constant struggle between the urge to work really hard and end on a high note, and to just graduate (which means I prefer my knitting needles over my textbooks). Good luck! I hope you're able to focus and stay on top of everything without losing your sanity.

    Also, this is a really yummy carrot + white bean soup (I like to skip the saffron, and add fresh rosemary and a splash of cream)!